Darwin College Lectures

Darwin College Lectures

Friedemann, Sven (University of Bristol); Heeney, Jonathan L. (University of Cambridge)

Cambridge University Press






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This engaging and timely collection analyses the impact of plagues, from early history to current medicine and the future. Featuring essays arising from the 2014 Darwin College Lectures, this book examines the spectrum of tragic consequences of different types of plagues, and asks if plagues are the manifestation of nature's checks and balances.
1. Ebola, the plague of 2014/15 Jonathan L. Heeney; 2. Plagues and history: from the Black Death to Alzheimer's disease Christopher Dobson and Mary Dobson; 3. Plagues and medicine Sir Leszek Borysiewicz; 4. The nature of plagues 2013-14: a year of living dangerously Angela McLean; 5. Plagues, populations, and survival Stephen J. O'Brien; 6. Plagues and socioeconomic collapse Ian Morris; 7. Silicon plagues Mikko Hypponen; 8. The human plague Stephen Emmott; 9. Plague as metaphor Rowan Williams.
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