Cybersecurity for Information Professionals

Cybersecurity for Information Professionals

Concepts and Applications


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Chapter 1. Cybersecurity Challenges and Implications for the Information Profession Suliman Hawamdeh and Reem Alkhaledi Chapter 2. Information Governance and Cybersecurity: Framework for Securing and Managing Information Effectively and Ethically Elizabeth Lomas Chapter 3. User Privacy and Security Online: The Role of Information Professionals Mohammed Nasser Al-Suqri, Salim Said AlKindi and Naifa Eid Saleem Chapter 4. Bridging the Cybersecurity Talent Gap: Cybersecurity Education in Information Schools Hsia-Ching Chang, Cary Jim and Suliman Hawamdeh Chapter 5. MetaMinecraft: Cybersecurity Education Through Commercial Video Games Chris Markman Chapter 6. Trustworthiness: An Essential Qualification for Cyber Information Professionals Shuyuan Mary Ho Chapter 7. Providing Open Access to Heterogeneous Information Resources without Compromising Data Privacy and Confidentiality Daniel G. Alemneh and Kris Helge Chapter 8. Cybersecurity and Social Media Hassan Zamir Chapter 9. Healthcare Regulations, Threats, and their Impact on Cybersecurity Mitchell Parker Chapter 10. Psychophysiological and Behavioral Measures Used to Detect Malicious Activities Yassir Hashem Chapter 11. Mobile Cybersecurity: A Socio-Technical Perspective Hsia-Ching Chang Chapter 12. Cybersecurity in the Software Development Life Cycle Johnson Kinyua Chapter 13. Data Security and Privacy Biodun Awojobi and Junhua Ding
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