Crisis Elections, New Contenders and Government Formation

Crisis Elections, New Contenders and Government Formation

Breaking the Mould in Southern Europe

Verney, Susannah (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens); Bosco, Anna (University of Trieste, Italy)

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1. From Electoral Epidemic to Government Epidemic: The Next Level of the Crisis in Southern Europe Anna Bosco and Susannah Verney Crisis Elections 2. The January 2015 Parliamentary Election in Greece: Government Change, Partial Punishment and Hesitant Stabilisation Yannis Tsirbas 3. Realignment under Stress: The July 2015 Referendum and the September Parliamentary Election in Greece Emmanouil Tsatsanis and Eftichia Teperoglou 4. The 2015 Portuguese Legislative Election: Widening the Coalitional Space and Bringing the Extreme Left in Elisabetta De Giorgi and Jose Santana-Pereira 5. The Breakdown of the Spanish Two-Party System: The Upsurge of Podemos and Ciudadanos in the 2015 General Election Lluis Orriols and Guillermo Cordero 6. The Challenges of the New Spanish Multipartism: Government Formation Failure and the 2016 General Election Pablo Simon New Contenders 7. SYRIZA's Electoral Rise in Greece: Protest, Trust and the Art of Political Manipulation Myrto Tsakatika 8. U-Turn: The Portuguese Radical Left from Marginality to Government Support Marco Lisi 9. Fast and Furious: Podemos' Quest for Power in Multi-level Spain Juan Rodriguez-Teruel, Astrid Barrio and Oscar Barbera 10. Going National: Ciudadanos from Catalonia to Spain Juan Rodriguez Teruel and Astrid Barrio
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