Creep in Ceramics

Creep in Ceramics

Pelleg, Joshua

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book focuses on Creep in Ceramics. In part A general knowledge of creep in ceramics is considered, while part B specifies creep in technologically important ceramics, namely creep in oxide ceramics, carnides and nitrides.
Part A: Basics.- Chapter 1. What is Creep?.- Chapter 2. General Mechanisms of Creep.- Chapter 3. Creep and its Relation to Diffusion.- Chapter 4. Creep in Ceramics.- Chapter 5. Testing Methods for Creep.- Chapter 6. Creep in Nanoceramics.- Chapter 7. Creep Rupture.- Chapter 8. Superplasticity.- Chapter 9. Creep and Recovery.- Chapter 10. Empirical Relations.- Chapter 11. Design for Creep Resistance.- Part B. Creep in Technologically Important Ceramics.- Chapter 12. Creep in Alumina (Al2O3).- Chapter 13. Creep in Magnesia (MgO).- Chapter 14. Creep in Zirconia (ZrO2).- Chapter 15. Creep in Silicon Carbide (SiC).- Chapter 16. Creep in Boron Carbide (BC).- Chapter 17. Creep in Silicon Nitride (Si3N4).
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