Creative Ways of Knowing in Engineering

Creative Ways of Knowing in Engineering

Eodice, Michele; Bairaktarova, Diana

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1: The New Renaissance Artificers: Harnessing the Power of Creativity in the Engineering Classroom Chapter 2: The Engineers' Orchestra: A Conductorless Orchestra for Our Time Chapter 3: Science Fiction as Platform for Problem-Based Learning and Teaching Writing as Design Chapter 4: "Writing as Knowing: Creative Knowing through Multiple Messaging Modes in an Engineering Technical Communications Course" Chapter 5: The Engineering of a Writing Assignment: Optimizing the Research Paper in an Introductory Chemical Engineering Course in the United Arab Emirates Chapter 6: Creativity and Identity in the Construction of Professional Portfolios Chapter 7: Uneasy Stories: Critical Reflection Narratives in Engineering Education Chapter 8: Ethical Dilemmas in the Engineering Writing Classroom Chapter 9: Creative Ways of Knowing and the Future of Engineering Education
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