Copyright and E-learning

Copyright and E-learning

A guide for practitioners

Morrison, Chris; Secker, Jane

Facet Publishing






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A practically based overview of current and emerging copyright issues facing those working in e-learning that will allow professionals to work confidently, effectively and legally in the virtual learning environment.
1. E-learning and copyright: background Recognizing the copyright dilemma The development of e-learning A brief introduction to UK copyright law Ireland Australia New Zealand Canada The USA Copyright and scholarly communication Creative Commons The Open Movement 2. Digitizing text-based content for delivery in a VLE Using published materials in e-learning Scanning published content in the UK Scanning in the UK: results of a survey Using published content outside the UK The USA Using unpublished content 3. Using digital media: video, images, sound and software Why use sound, images and video in teaching? Copyright and non-text-based works: an introduction Using images in education Digital images collections Digitization of analogue recordings Identifying rights holders and getting permission Copying broadcasts: the ERA Licence Box of Broadcasts Catch-up TV services and television on demand BBC iPlayer Creating audio and video content in-house: copyright issues Sound recordings Lecture capture and intellectual property rightsissues Screen recording iTunes U Managing digital media content Software Finding digital media content for use in e-learning Example sources for still images Example sources for moving images Example sources for audio 4. Copyright issues and born digital resources How is born digital content different? Digital rights management Using content from websites Content from publishers E-books Databases and other subscription resources Lecturers' own digital content: teaching materials Student-created content Conclusions and general advice 5. Copyright in the connected digital environment What are social media and the Cloud? New technologies for learning Wikis Media-sharing sites Peer to peer file sharing Social networking services Social bookmarking and curation tools Massive open online courses Emerging trends 6. Copyright education and training The copyright educator, trainer or teacher Developing a copyright literacy programme Your audience Face-to-face training sessions Topics to include Practical considerations Using the web Booklets, guides and leaflets Dealing with queries Sources of further advice and support 7. Conclusion
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