Copyright Law in an Age of Limitations and Exceptions

Copyright Law in an Age of Limitations and Exceptions

Okediji, Ruth L.

Cambridge University Press






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This book brings together leading copyright scholars to analyze the important role of copyright limitations and exceptions in shaping robust social, economic, and political environments needed for cultural productivity and human flourishing. Its insights will prove essential for professors and students of copyright law as well as intellectual property practitioners.
1. Justifications for copyrights limitations and exceptions Pamela Samuelson; 2. The role of the author in copyright Jane C. Ginsburg; 3. A few observations about the state of copyright law William F. Patry; 4. Fetishizing copies Jessica Litman; 5. Copyright in a digital ecosystem: a user rights approach Niva Elkin-Koren; 6. The Canadian copyright story: how Canada improbably became the world leader on users' rights in copyright law Michael Geist; 7. (When) Is copyright reform possible? James Boyle; 8. Fair use and its politics - at home and abroad Justin Hughes; 9. Flexible copyright: can the EU author's right accommodate fair use? P. Bernt Hugenholtz; 10. The limits of 'limitations and exceptions' in copyright law Jerome H. Reichman; 11. Lessons from CopyrightX William W. Fisher, III; 12. Rights on the border: the Berne Convention and neighbouring rights Sam Ricketson; 13. How oracle erred: the use/explanation distinction and the future of computer copyright Wendy J. Gordon; 14. International copyright limitations and exceptions as development policy Ruth L. Okediji.
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