Contemporary Family Justice

Contemporary Family Justice

Policy and Practice in Complex Child Protection Decisions

Munby, Sir James; Holt, Kim

Jessica Kingsley Publishers






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A compelling critique of the family justice system, this book encourages reflection on the ways in which the needs of children and families are potentially compromised. By showing how the policy looks in practice, it describes how we can ensure the best outcome for children and families under the pressure of timescales and targets.
1. Introduction: The origin of remote control practice. 2. The remote control approach in the family courts: a dickensian misadventure? 3. Mediation: the holy grail of reforms to working with complex families. 4. Why parents matter: exploring the impact of instrumental approaches to resolving complex situations. 5. Decision making and planning for children: the need for a holistic assessment of the family and an understanding of permanency planning. 6. Challenges for practice: dealing with complex issues that increase risk for children within a family justice system. 7. Findings from research: pre-proceedings practice. 8. Conclusion: What has happened since the Family Justice Review: a brighter future for children and their families?
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