Connecting with the Enemy

Connecting with the Enemy

A Century of Palestinian-Israeli Joint Nonviolence

Katz, Sheila H.

University of Texas Press






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Surveying the initiatives of more than five hundred groups across the past century, this timely book reveals how thousands of ordinary Israelis and Palestinians have worked together to end violence and forge connections between their peoples.
List of Maps Notes on Transliteration and Translation Preface Acknowledgments Introduction: Subversive Encounters 1. Quotidian Contact, New Conflict: Under the Ottomans, 1880-1918 2. Opportunities and Obstacles: Under the British, 1919-1939 3. Catastrophe and Celebration: 1940-1967 4. The New Dialogue: 1967-1980 5. Grassroots Breakthroughs: 1980-1988 6. First Intifada: 1988-1992 7. In the Wake of Oslo: 1992-1999 8. Suicide Bombs and Circuses: 2000-2005 9. Co-Resistance: 2005-2008 10. Missing Peace/Missing Piece: 2009-2010 Chronology Initiatives by Category Notes Bibliography References Index
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