Computer Science: An Object Oriented Approach Using C++

Computer Science: An Object Oriented Approach Using C++

Gilberg, Richard; Forouzan, Behrouz A.

McGraw-Hill Education - Europe






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C++ is a complex and professional language, the experience has shown that beginning students can easily understand and use it. This title teaches the basic principles of programming as outlined in the ACM curriculum for a CS1 class, and the basic constructs of the C++ language.
Chapter 1: Computers and Object Oriented Programming Chapter 2: Basic Elements of C++ Language Chapter 3: Functions Chapter 4: Predefined Classes Chapter 5: Defining Classes Chapter 6: Decision Chapter 7: Repetition (Loops) Chapter 8: Arrays and Vectors Chapter 9: Pointers Chapter 10: More Class Elements Chapter 11: Inheritance and Aggregation Chapter 12: Templates and Virtual Functions Chapter 13: Searching and Sorting Chapter 14: Exception Handling Chapter 15: Files Chapter 16: Recursion Chapter 17: ADTs (Lists, Stacks, and Queues) Chapter 18: Introduction to STL Appendices Appendix A: Unicode Appendix B: Reserved Words Appendix C: UML Appendix D: Numbering System Appendix E: Preprocessor Directives Appendix F: Manipulators Appendix G: Bitwise Operators Appendix H: Command-Line Argument Appendix I: Name Spaces Glossary Index
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