Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2008

Choi, H. G.; Choi, Haecheon; Yoo, J. Y.

Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. KG






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We are delighted to present this book which contains the Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ICCFD5), held in Seoul, Korea from July 7 through 11, 2008. Among them, 5 (3 oral and 2 poster presentation) papers were withdrawn and 10 (4 oral and 6 poster presentation) papers were not presented.
Plenary Lectures.- Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Viscous Fluid Flows and Two-Phase Fluid Flows.- Coping with Uncertainty in Turbulent Flow Simulations.- Adaptive Finite Element Discretization of Flow Problems for Goal-Oriented Model Reduction.- Keynote Lectures.- Progress in Computational Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics for Flow Control.- Aeroacoustics 1.- Computation of Noise Radiated from a Turbulent Flow over a Cavity with Discontinuous Galerkin Method.- Far-Field Noise Minimization Using an Adjoint Approach.- Stabilized High-Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Aeroacoustic Investigations.- Aeroacoustics 2.- Direct Simulation for Acoustic Near Fields Using the Compressible Navier-Stokes Equation.- Aeroacoustic Simulation in Automobile Muffler by Using the Exact Compressible Navier-Stokes Equation.- Aeroacoustics/Elasticity.- Towards Understanding the Physics of Supersonic Jet Screech.- Calculation of Wing Flutter Using Euler Equations with Approximate Boundary Conditions.- Direct Computation of Infrasound Propagation in Inhomogeneous Atmosphere Using a Low-Dispersion and Low-Dissipation Algorithm.- Algorithm 1.- Symmetry Preserving Discretization of the Compressible Euler Equations.- A Numerical Diffusion Flux Based on the Diffusive Riemannproblem.- Algorithm 2.- Enhancement of the Computational Efficiency of UFP via a MWM.- A High-Order Accurate Implicit Operator Scheme for Solving Steady Incompressible Viscous Flows Using Artificial Compressibility Method.- Development of a Coupled and Unified Solution Method for Fluid-Structure Interactions.- Algorithm 3.- Development of AUSM-Type Solver for Analysis of Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Flows.- An Implicit Parallel Fully Compressible Roe Based Solver for Subsonic and Supersonic Reacting Flows.- Bio-fluid Mechanics 1.- Rheology of Blood Flow in a Branched Arterial System with Three-Dimension Model.- The Effect of Curvature and Torsion on Steady Flow in a Loosely Coiled Pipe.- Bio-fluid Mechanics 2.- Analysis of the Unsteady Flow and Forces in an AAA Endovascular Stent.- Complex Flow 1.- Computation of Low Reynolds Number Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Flapping Wing in Free Flight.- Application of Window Embedment Grid Technique.- Improved Component Buildup Method for Fast Prediction of the Aerodynamic Performances of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing Micro Air Vehicle.- Complex Flow 2.- Numerical Investigation of the Tip Leakage Flow in a Multistage High Pressure Compressor.- Complex Flow 3.- Computational and Experimental Studies of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in a Calandria Based Reactor.- Complex Flows 4.- Propulsion by an Oscillating Thin Airfoil at Low Reynolds Number.- Residual Currents Around Plural Asymmetrical Structures in Oscillatory Flow Fields.- Compressible Flow 1.- Stability of the MUSCL Method on General Unstructured Grids for Applications to Compressible Fluid Flow.- Time-Accurate Computational Analysis of the Flame Trench.- Very High Order Residual Distribution Schemes for Steady Flow Problems.- Compressible Flow 2.- Shocks in Direct Numerical Simulation of the 3-D Spatially Developing Plane Mixing Layer.- Calculation of Aerodynamic Performance of Propellers at Low Reynolds Number Based on Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations Simulation.- Mathematical Modeling of Supersonic Turbulent Flows in a Channel of Variable Cross-Section with Mass Supply.- Efficient Numerical Simulation of Dense Gas Flows Past Airfoils and Wings.- A Dual-Time Implicit Upwind Scheme for Computing Three-Dimensional Unsteady Compressible Flows Using Unstructured Moving Grids.- Error Estimation and Control.- Problems Associated with Grid Convergence of Functionals.- Accuracy Analysis Based on a Posteriori Error Estimates of SemiGLS Stabilization of FEM for Solving Navier-Stokes Equations.- Residual Adaptive Computations of Complex Turbulent Flows.- Flow Control/Instability.- Active Control of Transitional Channel Flows with Pulsed and Synthetic Jets Using Vortex Methods.- Numerical Analysis of Control Problems for Stationary Models of Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer.- Frictional and Radiation Dampings on Shear Instability.- FSI Analysis of HAR Wing at Low Speed Flight Condition.- Flow in Porous Media.- 3-D Numerical Simulation of Main Sieve Diaphragm with Three Types Passageway Design in a Gas Mask Canister.- Pore Scale Simulation of Combustion in Porous Media.- Combined Finite Element - Particles Discretisation for Simulation of Transport-Dispersion in Porous Media.- Flow with Non-flat Wall.- A Numerical-Asymptotic Method for Computation of Infinite Number of Eddies of Viscous Flows in Domains with Corners.- Higher-Order Method 1.- Implicit High-Order Compact Differencing Methods: Study of Convergence and Stability.- A NLFD-Spectral Difference Scheme for Unsteady Flows.- Higher-Order Method 2.- High-Order-Accurate Fluctuation Splitting Schemes for Unsteady Hyperbolic Problems Using Lagrangian Elements.- Assessment of High-Order Algorithms for Aeroacoustic Computation of Shock-Containing Flows.- A Dynamic Spatial Filtering Procedure for Shock Capturing in High-Order Computations.- A Discontinuous Galerkin Method Based on a Gas Kinetic Scheme for the Navier-Stokes Equations on Arbitrary Grids.- Recovery Discontinuous Galerkin Jacobian-Free Newton-Krylov Method for All-Speed Flows.- Higher-Order Method 3.- A Characteristic-Wise Hybrid Compact-WENO Scheme for Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations on Curvilinear Coordinates.- High-Order Central ENO Finite-Volume Scheme with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for the Advection-Diffusion Equation.- Hypersonic and Reacting Flows.- Active Control of Hypersonic Shock Layer Instability: Direct Numerical Simulation and Experiments.- Immersed Boundary Method/Cartesian Grid Method 1.- A Hierarchical Nested Grid Approach for Local Refinement Coupled with an Immersed Boundary Method.- A New Cartesian Grid Method with Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Degenerate Cut Cells on Moving Boundaries.- Building-Cube Method for Incompressible Flow Simulations of Complex Geometries.- Immersed Boundary Method/Cartesian Grid Method 2.- Assessment of Regularized Delta Functions and Feedback Forcing Schemes for an Immersed Boundary Method.- Simulation of a Flow around a Car, Using Cartesian Coordinates.- Numerical Simulation of Parachute Inflation Process.- A Finite-Volume Method for Convection Problems with Embedded Moving-Boundaries.- Kinetic Approach.- Computation of Shock Structure in Diatomic Gases Using the Generalized Boltzmann Equation.- A High-Order Accurate Gas-Kinetic BGK Scheme.- Micro/Nano Fluid Mechanics 1.- Numerical Simulations of Three Dimensional Micro Flows.- Optimization of Ribbed Microchannel Heat Sink Using Surrogate Analysis.- Micro/Nano Fluid Mechanics 2.- Conformations of PMMA Thin Films on an Au (111) Substrate: Chain-Length and Tacticity Effects.- Multiphase Flow 1.- Numerical Method for Flows of Arbitrary Substance in Arbitrary Conditions.- Fully-Implicit Interface Tracking for All-Speed Multifluid Flows.- Development of Surface-Volume Tracking Method Based on MARS.- Multiphase Flow 2.- Adaptive Moment-of-Fluid Method for Multi-Material Flow.- Numerical Simulation of Underfill Flow in Flip-Chip Packaging.- Simulation of Water Advancing over Dry Bed Using Lagrangian Blocks on Eulerian Mesh.- Time-Derivative Preconditioning for Single and Multicomponent Flows.- Multiphase Flow 3.- High-Speed Jet Formation after Solid Object Impact.- Numerical Study on Population Balance Approaches in Modeling of Isothermal Vertical Bubbly Flows.- Direct Numerical Simulation of Cavitation Noise for a 3D Circular Cylinder Cross-Flow.- Numerical Method for Shock-Cavitation Bubble Interaction Problems.- Optimization 1.- A Low Dissipative Discrete Adjoint m-KFVS Method.- Second Order Sensitivities for Shape Optimization in the Presence of Shocks.- Strategies for Robust Convergence Characteristics of Discrete Adjoint Method.- On the Reliability of the Aerodynamic Analysis Using a Moment Method.- Optimization 2.- Uncertainty Based MDO of UAS Using HAPMOEA.- The Optimum Design of a Propeller Energy-Saving Device by Computational Fluid Dynamics.- Rotor Aerodynamics.- An Analysis on the Helicopter Rotor Aerodynamics in Hover and Forward Flight Using CFD/Time-Marching-Free-Wake Coupling Method.- Turbulence Modeling and Simulation 1.- Stochastic-Determinism Approach for Simulating the Transition Points in Internal Flows with Various Inlet Disturbances.- Investigation of an Anisotropic NS-? Model for Wall-Bounded Flows.- Computing Turbulent Flows Using Meshless Solver LSFD-U.- Parallel Adaptive Mesh Refinement Scheme for LES of Turbulent Premixed Flames.- Turbulence Modeling and Simulation 2.- The Characteristic Analysis of Fire-Driven Flow Simulation Code (FDS) for Railway Tunnel.- Upwind Scheme 1.- Discontinuous Fluctuation Distribution for Time-Dependent Problems.- Weighted Compact Schemes for Shock / Boundary Layer Interaction.- The Riemann Problem for Reynolds-Stress-Transport in RANS and VLES.- Upwind Scheme 2.- Improving Monotonicity of the 2 nd Order Backward Difference Time Integration Scheme by Temporal Limiting.- The Finite Volume Local Evolution Galerkin Method for Solving the Euler Equations.- Time-Implicit Approximation of the Multi-pressure Gas Dynamics Equations in Several Space Dimensions.- Smoothness Monitors for Compressible Flow Computation.- Wake Flow.- Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of Unsteady Heat Transfer from Staggered Cylinders at Moderate Reynolds Numbers.- Effect of Rotation Rates and Gap Spacing on the Structure of Low Reynolds Number Flow over Two Rotating Circular Cylinders.- Improvement of Reduced Order Modeling Based on POD.- Technical Notes.- Modelling and Simulation of Droplet Distribution from Entrained Liquid Film in Gas-Liquid Systems.- The Effect of the Number of Computational Grids on Calculation Results of Co-axial Jet Flows by Large Eddy Simulation Using Dynamic SGS Model.- Development and Application of the Collocations and Least Squares Method.- Combined Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Incompressible Flow around an Airfoil.- CFD Simulation of Gas-Water Two-Phase Flow in Turbocharger.- Numerical Analysis of Optical Systems for Compressible Flow Visualization.- Application of a DRP Upwinding Scheme in Immersed Boundary Method.- Convergence Acceleration Method for Linear Iterative Process.- Heat Transfer Correlations and Pressure Drop for Cross-Cut Heat Sinks Using CFD: Technical Notes.- CFD Study of Traveling Wave within a Piston-Less Striling Heat Engine.- Numerical Simulation of Acoustic Waves in Jet Flows.- Robust BEM Solver for Sound Scattering.
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