Community Action in a Contested Society

Community Action in a Contested Society

The Story of Northern Ireland

Kilmurray, Avila

Peter Lang AG, Internationaler Verlag der Wissenschaften






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Much has been written about the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but one story remains untold: the story of the grassroots activism that maintained local communities in the face of violence. This book speaks through the voices of the activists themselves, drawn from both sides of a divided society.
CONTENTS: Timeline: Northern Ireland, 1969-2015 - Politics Rules, OK! - Social Activism with a Twist of Politics - Community Relations and Community Development: The Cuckoo or the Nest? - Politics and Community Action: A Delicate Balance - When the Minister Comes Calling ... - Handbags at the Ready: The Politics of Safe Hands' - Civil Servants Unleashed: BATs, RATs and MBW - Community Action: Relations in Practice? - Peace, Imperfect Peace ... - The Rollercoaster of Change - Peacebuilding in Shades of Grey - Drawing the Lessons: Community Action in Troubled Times
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