Commonwealth History in the Twenty-First Century

Commonwealth History in the Twenty-First Century


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1 Introduction: The Commonwealth in the Twenty-First Century, Saul Dubow and Richard Drayton.- 2 The League of Nations and the 'Third British Empire', 1919-40, David Thackeray.- 3 Commonwealth History from Below?: Caribbean National, Federal and Pan-African Renegotiations of the Empire Project, c. 1880-1950, Richard Drayton.- 4 Commonwealth Constitution-Maker: The Life of Yash Ghai, Coel Kirby.- 5 ''The Unbridgeable Gulf": Responsible Self-Government and Aboriginal Title in Southern Rhodesia and the Commonwealth, Edward Cavanagh.- 6 Commonwealth Communities: Immigration and Racial Thinking in Twentieth Century Britain, Saima Nasar.- 7 Between Insignificance and Importance: The Commonwealth Headship in Contemporary History, Harshan Kumarasingham.- 8 Jawaharlal Nehru, Indian Republicanism, and the Commonwealth, Sunil Purushotham.- 9 South African Indians, Monarchy and the New Commonwealth: Transnational conversations and perspectives, 1946-1948, Hilary Sapire.- 10 Cuckoo in the Commonwealth Nest: The Irish Impact and the Commonwealth Legacy for Ireland, Donal Lowry.- 11 The Commonwealth and Apartheid, Thula Simpson.- 12 Racial Legacies: South African Apartheid and the Old Commonwealth, Harriet Aldrich.- 13 A Bridge to Better Relations between London and Vichy': Jan Smuts, South Africa, and Commonwealth Diplomacy in the Second World War, Luc-Andre Brunet.- 14 Globalising Suez: Commonwealth Diplomacy and the War of Algerian Independence (1955-1957), Melanie Torrent.- 15 Whose Commonwealth? Negotiating Commonwealth Day in the 1950s and 1960s, Anna Bocking-Welch.- 16 Banking on a Commonwealth Future, Sarah Stockwell.-
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