Colonialism and Resistance

Colonialism and Resistance

Society and State in Manipur


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Introduction. Part I: Framework, Administration and Democratisation 1. Cast of Colonialism: Constructing the Peculiar North East India Arambam Noni 2. Colonial Administration, Knowledge and Intervention: Colonial Project of Ethnicisation in Manipur Homen Thangjam 3. Revisiting the Kuki Rebellion and Nupi Lan Lisham Henthoiba 4. Colonialism and Movement of Democracy in Manipur Konthoujam Indrakumar Part II: Literature, Popular Culture and Religion 5. Religious Revivalism and Colonial Rule: Origin of the Sanamahi movement Khuraijam Bijoykumar Singh 6. Politics, Society and Literature in Modern Manipur Arambam Noni 7. Desire, Disgrace and Colonialism: A Reading of Bor Sahib Ongbi Sanatombi Rajkumari Smejita 8. Jesters of Popular Genres as an Agent of Resistance through Reflexivity Ksh. Imokanta Singh Part III: Imperial Strategies and Distinct Political Histories 9. Situating Manipur in the Geopolitics of Imperial Powers Laishram Churchil 10. Consolidation of British 'Indirect Rule' in Manipur Naorem Malemsanba Meetei 11. Interrogating into the Political Status of Manipur Kangujam Sanatomba 12. Christian Missionaries and Colonialism in the Hills of Manipur Lianboi Vaiphei Part IV: Post-Empire Manipur, Organisational Politics and Frontier 13. Organisational Politics in 20th Century Manipur: Trajectories and Footprints Arambam Noni 14. Polemics of the Manipur Merger Agreement, 1949 Kangujam Sanatomba 15. Centrality of Body Politics in Thockchand's Script and Cultural Revivalism in Manipur Naorem Malemsanba Meetei 16. Recasting Space: Politics of Frontier Making Thingnam Sanjeev. Bibliography
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