Collective Identities in Action

Collective Identities in Action

A Sociological Approach to Ethnicity

Tambini, Damian; Eder, Klaus; Giesen, Bernd

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Contents: Introduction: why should we care about collective identities?. Symbolic Boundaries - The Coding of Difference: Defining ethnicization; Three ideal types of symbolic boundary markers; A story of ethnicization. Structure Versus Agency: Theories of the rise of ethnically defined conflicts; The premises of macro-structural theory and research; In search of agency; Beyond rational action: situated action; The conflict deepens. The Making of Ethnic Difference: A dramatist perspective; Social situations: constructing an interaction order; Political situations: constructing an institutional order; A preliminary model; Landlandians and alternians in action. Explaining Ethnicization: Bringing history back into situations; The story line of ethnicization; Bibliography; Index.
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