Late Modernist Poetry in London in the 1970s

Edwards, Ken; Hampson, Robert

Shearsman Books






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CLASP is an exercise in collective remembering - with a consciousness of memory work as also a process of selecting, forgetting and inventing.
Robert Hampson: IntroductionClive Bush: Challenging the "Little England" consensus in British poetry: Eric Mottram, Poetry Review and TalusPaul A. Green: In the Poetry ZonesJohn Welch: Back ThenLawrence Upton: So many thingsElaine Randell: Tangled up in politicsPaula Claire: Working with Bob Cobbing through the 1970sValerie Soar: Whispers from the pastAnthony Howell: Beige Leather Trousers, Orange DungareesIain Sinclair: Hackney Stopover: Rage in the Eastern HeavenTony Lopez: Brixton, Wivenhoe, Gonville & CaiusRobert Hampson: The PCL poetry conferences David Miller: A good decade for getting lostRobert Vas Dias: My Baptism by Fire Will Rowe: The Translation Workshop and Equatorial magazineStephen Watts: Poetry in the 1970s P.C. FencottKen Edwards: Lower Green FarmPeter Barry: Climbing the twisty staircaseRobert Sheppard: Took chances in London trafficGavin Selerie: Kaleidoscope of Spirits Gilbert Adair: Islands & Affiliations: Sub-Voicive Frances Presley: Experimental poetry and feminism? London 1980-86John Muckle: InklingsSome Further ReadingNotes on ContributorsIndex
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