Clarity of Responsibility, Accountability, and Corruption

Clarity of Responsibility, Accountability, and Corruption

Tavits, Margit (Washington University, St Louis); Schwindt-Bayer, Leslie A. (Rice University, Houston)

Cambridge University Press






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The book argues that clarity of responsibility increases accountability and decreases corruption levels in democracies. The authors provide a number of empirical tests of this argument using an original cross-national time-series dataset, mass survey data, and a survey experiment.
1. Introduction; 2. A clarity of responsibility theory of corruption; 3. A dataset of democracy and corruption; 4. Clarity of responsibility and aggregate corruption perceptions; 5. Corruption voting - a survey analysis; 6. Corruption and accountability - an experimental analysis; 7. The effect of clarity on elite efforts to combat corruption; 8. Beyond anticorruption efforts - elite attention to corruption; 9. Conclusions.
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