City Making and Global Labor Regimes

City Making and Global Labor Regimes

Chinese Immigrants and Italy's Fast Fashion Industry

Ceccagno, Antonella

Springer International Publishing AG






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Based on the author's 15 years of fieldwork in Prato, the book sheds light on the entangled processes of city making and the restructuring processes linked to capital accumulation by tackling issues of governance, territory, migration, division of labor, labor mobility, housing, and human rights.
1. Introduction2. Globalization and its Impact on the Italian Fashion Industry3. The Migrant Pathway of Emplacement in Prato 4. The Global Low-End Fashion Center5. The Mobile Regime6. The Foundations of the Mobile Regime: Global Restructuring of Social Reproduction and Ethnicization fo the Workplace7. "My City Brought to its Knees": The Downscaling of Prato and the Criminalization of Chinese Entrepreneurship8. Conclusions
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