Child Case Management Practice

Child Case Management Practice

Greensmith, Andrew; Goldrein, Iain, QC; Ryder, Ernest

Jordan Publishing Ltd






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This new edition will also keep you abreast of the latest developments in law and practice. It is the definitive practical manual on the Public Law Outline, generate best practice case management documents and provides synopses of the law for all the major applications. It also presents core skeleton arguments at a glance and focuses on the case ma
Practice, Evidence and Procedure *Legal aid (public funding) and representation *Allocation and transfer of proceedings *Case management - how to use the revised Public Law Outline *Expert evidence in the context of the PLO *Protected parties/parties under a disability Private Law *Declaration of parentage and parental responsibility *Orders under sections 8 and 13 of the Children Act 1989 *Scientific tests *Special guardianship orders Public Law *Local authority proceedings prior to issuing care proceedings *Emergency protection procedures *Appointment and removal of a children's guardian *Care and supervision orders *Secure accommodation *Placement and adoption International Issues *Child Abduction *Forced Marriage *Article 15 transfer under Brussels II Revised Case Digest
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