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Charles Pachter

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Foreword by Tom Smart Appreciation by Margaret Atwood Introduction Prologue: London, August 2016 Chapter 1: Childhood Chapter 2: Lessons Learned Chapter 3: Blossoming Out Chapter 4: Camp White Pine Chapter 5: University of Toronto Chapter 6: A Difference Journey Chapter 7: Graduate Studies Chapter 8: A New Start Chapter 9: Canada Rediscovered Chapter 10: The Loft Years Chapter 11: Home on the Grange Chapter 12: The Journals of Susanna Moodie Chapter 13: The Painted Flag Chapter 14: Recession and Comeback Chapter 15: The Baron of Beverley Chapter 16: L'artiste et la France Chapter 17: Miami Beach Chronicles Chapter 18: The Moose Factory Chapter 19: The Queen and I Chapter 20: From Lake to Town Epilogue Chronology Acknowledgements Notes Index
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