Charles Pachter

Charles Pachter

Canada's Artist

Atwood, Margaret; Smart, Tom; Wise, Leonard

Dundurn Group Ltd






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Charles Pachter, one of Canada's most celebrated artists, is the creator of such iconic works as Queen on Moose and The Painted Flag. This new work, with its intimate anecdotes and captivating photos and art, showcases the life and work of a man who has helped to redefine Canadian art.
Foreword by Tom Smart Appreciation by Margaret Atwood Introduction Prologue: London, August 2016 Chapter 1: Childhood Chapter 2: Lessons Learned Chapter 3: Blossoming Out Chapter 4: Camp White Pine Chapter 5: University of Toronto Chapter 6: A Difference Journey Chapter 7: Graduate Studies Chapter 8: A New Start Chapter 9: Canada Rediscovered Chapter 10: The Loft Years Chapter 11: Home on the Grange Chapter 12: The Journals of Susanna Moodie Chapter 13: The Painted Flag Chapter 14: Recession and Comeback Chapter 15: The Baron of Beverley Chapter 16: L'artiste et la France Chapter 17: Miami Beach Chronicles Chapter 18: The Moose Factory Chapter 19: The Queen and I Chapter 20: From Lake to Town Epilogue Chronology Acknowledgements Notes Index
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