Centres and Peripheries in Banking

Centres and Peripheries in Banking

The Historical Development of Financial Markets

Fraser, Iain L.; Cottrell, Philip L.; Lange, Even; Olsson, Ulf

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Contents: Introduction; Part I Global Centres and Networks: Trade and finance in the Great War. German banks and neutral Scandinavia 1914-1918, Boris Barth; From the Levant to the City of London: mercantile credit in the Greek international commercial networks of the 18th and 19th centuries, Maria-Christina Chatziioannou and Gelina Harlaftis; The City of London as a global financial centre, 1880-1939: finance, foreign exchange, and the First World War, Ranald C Michie; The rise of Hong Kong and Tokyo as international financial centres after 1950, Catherine R. Schenk. Part II Banks as Integrators: Between the dollar-sterling gold points: USA and Britain, 1791-1914, Lawrence H Officer; The confidence in a new currency: the introduction of the Mark in Germany 1871-1876, Dieter Lindenlaub; The Banque de France and the emergence of a national financial market in France during the 19th century, Alain Plessis; Capital movements, exchange rates and market integration: the Baltic area 1850-1913, Lennart SchAn. Part III The Role of Banks in Mercantile and Industrial Credit: Personal and impersonal exchange. The role of reputation in banking: some evidence from the 19th and early 20th century banks' archives, Monika Pohle Fraser; The political economy of commercial banking in Sweden: a bird's-eye view of the relations between industry and banking over 150 years, Ulf Olsson and Jan JArnmark; Merchants and credit in the Southern and Eastern Baltic areas, 1500-1800, Michael North; Lender of last resort in a peripheral economy with a fixed exchange rate: financial crises and monetary policy in Sweden under the Silver and Gold Standards, 1834-1913, Anders A-gren. Part IV Bank Archives and History: The archives of a German commercial bank as a mirror of time, Reinhard Frost; Preservation of electronic information: a case study of the information systems department at Svenska Handelsbanken, Anastasia Victorsson; Using history and storytelling in mergers and branding,