Cengage Guide to Research

Cengage Guide to Research

Miller-Cochran, Susan (The University of Arizona); Rodrigo, Rochelle (Old Dominion University)

Cengage Learning, Inc



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Part I: PREPARING FOR RESEARCH. 1. Research and the Rhetorical Situation. 2. Writing Processes. 3. Identifying a Topic. DIY: Writing a Research Proposal. Part II: CONDUCTING RESEARCH. 4. Finding Resources through Secondary Research. 5. Conducting Primary Research. 6. Rhetorically Reading, Tracking, and Evaluating Resources. 7. Understanding Plagiarism and Integrating Resources. DIY: Writing a Review of Research. Part III: REPORTING ON RESEARCH. 8. Developing an Argument. 9. Selecting and Integrating Evidence. 10. Sharing the Results. DIY: Presenting Your Research Results. Part IV: FORMATTING YOUR RESEARCH. 11. Understanding Citation Styles Rhetorically. 12. MLA Guidelines. 13. APA Guidelines. 14. CMS Guidelines. 15. CSE Guidelines. DIY: Writing a Rhetorical Analysis of Citations.
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