Celebrating the James Partridge Award

Celebrating the James Partridge Award

Essays Toward the Development of a More Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Field of Library and Information Science

Barlow, Diane L.; Jaeger, Paul T.

Emerald Publishing Limited






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Winners of the James A. Partridge Outstanding African American Information Professional Award examine issues of race, inclusion, diversity, and justice. Their insights are complimented by the writings of other scholars, educators, and practitioners who study, teach about, and experience issues of race in the field firsthand.
INTRODUCTION Introduction: Diversity and Inclusion, Library and Information Science, and the James Partridge Award - Diane L. Barlow and Paul T. Jaeger THE JAMES PARTRIDGE AWARD AND OTHER EFFORTS IN HIGHER EDUCATION The James Partridge Award - Diane L. Barlow and Ann E. Prentice The Arc of Activism: The James Partridge Award in the Context of 50 Years of Attempts to Influence Diversity and Inclusion in the Field of Library and Information Science by the University of Maryland - Paul T. Jaeger, Diane L. Barlow and Beth St. Jean Researching African American Women's History - Janet Sims-Wood Moving the Needle: An Examination of Diversity in LIS in Three Acts - Claudia J. Gollop and Sandra Hughes-Hassell EQUITABLE SERVICE TO ALL Woven into My Fabric, No One Is Invisible - Michelle Hamiel Four Decades of Service in an Incredible Profession - Jacquelyn Nixon Purnell In a Place of Monotony and Despair: A Library! - Glennor Shirley University of the People: A Perspective - Thomas Battle TOWARD A MORE INCLUSIVE AND SUPPORTIVE PROFESSION Stepping Back in Order to Move Forward - Johnnieque Blackmon (Johnnie) Love Man of the People - Greg L. Reese Common Threads: Personal Reflections and Thoughts about Mentoring - Simmona E. Simmons The Journey of an Information Professional Is Still Relevant - Nettie Seaberry Diversity Management and the Organizational Perspective - Denice Adkins Challenges - Sarah E. Crest INTERSECTIONS OF RACE AND OTHER FORMS OF DIVERSITY Race as Multidimensional: The Personal Shaping the Professional in the Library and Information Field - Clara M. Chu, Linda Ueki Absher, Renate L. Chancellor, Karen E. Downing, Shari Lee and Touger Vang Cultural Re-Interpretation of Race/Ethnicity and Sexuality: A Gay South Asian "Voice" From Between a Rock and a Hard Place - Bharat Mehra Looking Back: A Reflection on Experiences of Diversity and Inclusion in the LIS Field - Howard Rodriguez-Mori CONCLUSIONS The Long Walk: Diversity in Information Studies Educational Programs, Professions, and Institutions - Paul T. Jaeger and Renee F. Hill 2015 James Partridge Award Acceptance Speech - Wayne Crocker
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