Cataloging for School Librarians

Cataloging for School Librarians

Kelsey, Marie

Rowman & Littlefield






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Cataloging for School Librarians, Second Edition presents the theory and practice of cataloging and classification to students and practitioners needing a clear sequential process to help them overcome cataloging anxiety. Each chapter features a review quiz and critical thinking questions. It includes sample full MARC records and a glossary.
Part I. Essential Information 1 Introducing the Library Catalog and Access to Resources 2 Supporting Resource Discovery: RDA and FRBR 3 Obtaining Online Catalog Bibliographic Records 4 Understanding Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Part II. Descriptive Cataloging 5 Creating Primary and Secondary Access Points 6 Creating Authorized Forms of Names 7 Creating MARC 21 Records 8 Cataloging Books 9 Cataloging Non-print and Electronic Materials 10 Cataloging Serials, Books in Series, and Graphic Novels Part III. Subject Cataloging and Classification 11 Using Sears List of Subject Headings 12 Using Abridged Dewey Decimal Classification 13 Building Dewey Numbers in Three Major Areas Part IV. Conclusion 14 Resource Discovery and the Common Core State Standards Appendix A RDA Records in MARC from OCLC Key to the Quizzes
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