British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830-1960

British World Policy and the Projection of Global Power, c.1830-1960

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1. Introduction: British world policy and the White Queen's memory T. G. Otte; 2. The War Trade Intelligence Department and British economic warfare during the First World War John Robert Ferris; 3. The British empire and the meaning of 'minimum force necessary' in colonial counter-insurgencies operations, c.1857-1967 David French; 4. Yokohama for the British in the late nineteenth century: a hub for imperial defence and a node of influence for change T. G. Otte; 5. 'The diplomatic digestive organ': the Foreign Office as the nerve-centre of foreign policy, c. 1800-1940 T. G. Otte; 6. Financial and commercial networks between Great Britain and South America during the long nineteenth century Kathleen Burk; 7. Britain through Russian eyes: 1900-1914 Dominic Lieven; 8. Imperial Germany's naval challenge and the renewal of British power John H. Maurer; 9. Views of war, 1914 and 1939: second thoughts Zara Steiner; 10. The ambassadors, 1919-1939 Erik Goldstein; 11. The tattered ties that bind: the imperial general staff and the dominions, 1919-1939 Douglas E. Delaney; 12. Seeking a family consensus?: Anglo-Dominion relations and the failed Imperial Conference of 1941 Kent Fedorowich; 13. Imperial hubs and their limitations: British assessments of imposing sanctions on Japan, 1937 G. Bruce Strang.