Brecht and the Writer's Workshop

Brecht and the Writer's Workshop

Fatzer and Other Dramatic Projects

Kuhn, Tom (St Hugh's College, Oxford University, UK); Brecht, Bertolt; Ryland, Charlotte

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Introduction, explaining the status and appearance of the various projects and setting them in the context, both of Brecht's literary development and of German social and political history. Fleischhacker (1924-27) edited and translated by Phoebe von Held and Matthias Rothe Fatzer: Downfall of an Egoist (1926-30) edited and translated by Tom Kuhn: The Downfall of Johann Fatzer The Bread Store (1929-30) edited and translated by Marc Silberman Jacob Trotalong (mid to late 1930s) Edited and translated by Charlotte Ryland The Judith of Shimoda (1940) edited and translated by Markus Wessendorf Busching (1950s) edited and translated by Marc Silberman
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