Bioemergency Planning

Bioemergency Planning

A Guide for Healthcare Facilities

Hewlett, Angela; K. Murthy, A. Rekha

Springer International Publishing AG






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This text gathers the weaknesses revealed during recent infections outbreaks and organizes them into a guide for combating the trends in emerging infections as they relate to hospital preparedness.
Chapter 1 Communicable Diseases and Emerging Pathogens: The Past, Present, and Future of High-Level Containment Care Theodore J. Cieslak, Jocelyn J. Herstein, Mark G. Kortepeter Chapter 2 Designing Medical Facilities to Care for Patients with Highly Hazardous Communicable Diseases Mark G. Kortepeter, Elena H. Kwon, Theodore J. Cieslak Chapter 3 Administrative Considerations When Preparing For Bioemergencies John J. Maher, Syra Sikandar Madad, Nicholas V. Cagliuso, Sr. Chapter 4 Communications in Times of Crisis: A Narrative Taylor Wilson Chapter 5 Strategies for Waste Management and Decontamination John J. Lowe and Katelyn Jelden Chapter 6 Laboratory Processing of Specimens Peter C. Iwen, Roxanne Alter, Vicki L. Herrera, Anthony R. Sambol, Karen L. Stiles, Steven H. Hinrichs Chapter 7 Staffing Mallory Reimers, Jordan A. Hughes, Brian T. Garibaldi Chapter 8 Transportation of Patients in a Bioemergency Lekshmi Kumar and Alexander P. Isakov Chapter 9 Special Populations: Labor and Delivery John P. Horton Chapter 10 Biocontainment Principles for Pediatric Patients Amy S. Arrington Chapter 11 Care of Ebola Infected Human Remains Kate Boulter and Angela Vasa Chapter 12 Evaluation of the Person Under Investigation Paul D. Biddinger and Erica S. Shenoy Chapter 13 Maintenance of Preparedness Timo Wolf Chapter 14 Personal Protective Equipment Jill S. Morgan Chapter 15 Human Subjects Research in Bioemergencies Lauren M. Sauer, Jared D. Evans, Kathryn Shaw-Saliba, Bruce Gordon, Christopher J. Kratochvil Chapter 16 Behavioral Health Support for Patients, Families and Healthcare Workers David Cates, Paula G. Gomes, Arthur M. Krasilovsky
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