McNicol, Sarah; Brewster, Liz

Facet Publishing






This book draws on the latest international practical and theoretical developments in bibliotherapy to explore how libraries can best support the health and wellbeing of their communities.
Part I: History and theory of bibliotherapy 1. Bibliotherapy: a critical history - Liz Brewster 2. Theories of bibliotherapy - Sarah McNicol 3. Bibliotherapy, illness narratives and narrative medicine - Liz Brewster 4. Bibliotherapy and graphic medicine - Sarah McNicol Part II: Bibliotherapy case studies 5. Read to Connect: Reading to combat loneliness and promote resilience - Natalia Tukhareli 6. Long term impacts of bibliotherapy groups: reading and writing together - Fiona Bailey 7. The benefits of shared reading groups for those at risk of homelessness - Susan McLaine and Elizabeth Mackenzie 8. Developing a reading group service for an older adult functional psychiatric in-patient ward - David Chamberlain 9. Bibliotherapy in Uruguay: a case study of the Mario Benedetti library for patients dealing with substance abuse - Cristina Deberti Martins (translated by Sarah McNicol) 10. Adapting the Books on Prescription model for people living with dementia and their carers - Rosie May Walworth 11. Engaging young people in bibliotherapy and reading for wellbeing - Rosie May Walworth 12. Bibliotherapy Read Aloud groups with native and non-native speakers - Kate Gielgud 13. Promoting student wellbeing through a student success collection - Elena Azadbakht and Tracy Englert
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