Between Jerusalem and Athens

Between Jerusalem and Athens

Israeli Theatre and the Classical Tradition

Yaari, Nurit (Professor of Theatre Studies in the Department of Theatre Arts, The David and Yolanda Katz Faculty of the Arts, Tel Aviv University)

Oxford University Press






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This first in-depth study of the reception of ancient Greek drama in Israeli theatre over the last 70 years offers ground-breaking analysis of a wide range of translations, adaptations, and new writing, and how performances of these works were created and staged at key points in the development of Israeli culture.
Frontmatter List of Illustrations 1: Introduction Between Athens and Jerusalem Weaving together histories and traditions Israeli theatre and its audiences A survey of scholarship Scope of the study Book structure 2: Habima: Outsidedness as a catalyst of creativity First encounters with the Greek Classical repertoire In lieu of summary: The Nissim Aloni effect 3: The Cameri: In search of local theatrical identity A Modern Hebrew theatre in Tel Aviv Summary 4: Experimentations: Putting the aesthetics of performance into practice Aryeh Sachs: Experimenting with ritual theatre Yossi Yizraely: Experimentations with stage imagery Edna Shavit: Experiments with Classicism Summary 5: Aristophanes and the Occupied Territories Text and socio-political context Hanoch Levin: Contention, defiance, and protest Summary 6: The Trojan War and Israeli-Palestinian conflict Theatrical responses to the Six Day War (1967) Theatrical responses to the Lebanon War (1981) Summary 7: Lysistrata: Between entertainment and protest Lysistrata on the Israeli stages Summary 8: Nissim Aloni: Oedipus Tyrannus in an immigrant society The myth of King Oedipus: Migrant and autochthon Summary 9: Hanoch Levin: From ancient myths to modern tragedy Israel in the aftermath of the Six Day War (1967) Levin's dialogue with Euripides Levin's dialogue with Aeschylus: The Moaners (1999) Summary 10: Classical presences and 'post dramatic' performances Ruth Kanner: Processing communal grief Troy revisited in the third millennium Ilan Ronen: Theatre as a memory machine Rina Yerushalmi: Lessons of the past Hanan Snir: From politics to psychodrama Summary 11: The Classical tradition in university theatre First encounters: Sophocles' Antigone (1969) From theory to practice: Yizraely reads Aristotle Research and practice: Greek tragedy In lieu of summary: The General and the Sea (2015) 12: Israeli theatre: A snapshot of today and future prospects Appendix: Performances of Greek and Roman drama in Israel Endmatter Bibliography Index
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