Beauty, Violence, Representation

Beauty, Violence, Representation

Dickson, Lisa A. (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada); Romanets, Maryna (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada)

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Introduction: Beauty, Representation, Violence Lisa Dickson & Maryna Romanets Part I: Histories 1. "THus for thy goode I shedde my bloode": Violence and Beauty in the Late Medieval English Biblical Cycles Leanne Groeneveld 2. Staging Beauty; or, A History of Violence: Rending the Aesthetic in Jeffrey Hatcher's Compleat Female Stage Beauty Deneen Senasi 3. Beauty, Violence, and the East: Paradigms of Femininity in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century British Women's Oriental Narratives Marianna D'Ezio 4. "Hearts as innocent as hers": The Drowned Woman in Victorian Literature and Art Lynn Alexander Part II: Aesthetics 5. Violence and Beauty: Jacques Lacan's Antigone Andrew Slade 6. "All beauty must die": The Aesthetics of Murder, from Thomas De Quincey to Nick Cave David McInnis 7. Environmentality and Air Travel Disasters: Representing the Violence of Plane Crashes Christopher Schaberg Part III: Resistance 8. Deconstructing Neoliberalism: Sledgehammering the End of History Robert Bennett 9. A Queer Craving: Muscle and the Dynamics of Beauty, Homoerotic Desire, and Sadomasochism in Japanese Gay Pink Cinema Mark DeStephano 10. Subversion of the Violent Gaze: Sins Invalid and the Aesthetics of Disabled Bodies Tara Wood 11. Coming Home from Iraq: Women Warriors and Feminine Vistas of Violence Elizabeth Bonjean
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