Badiou and His Interlocutors

Badiou and His Interlocutors

Lectures, Interviews and Responses

Clemens, Justin; Bartlett, A. J.; Badiou, Alain

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1. Badiou in the Antipodes A. J Bartlett & Justin Clemens (Monash & University of Melbourne) Part I. Badiou's Lectures 2.Considerations on the world situation 3.Cinema & Philosophy 4.A la recherche du reel perdu: In search of the lost Real 5. Philosophy/Theatre/Philosophy Part II Interventions 6. Badiou's Concept of History, Knox Peden (Australian National University) 7. An Inessential Art? Positioning Cinema in Alain Badiou's Philosophy, Alex Ling (University of Western Sydney) 8. "Woman"'s Adventures With/in the Universal, Louise Burchill (University of Melbourne) 9. Maths in the Bedroom: Sex, the Signifier and the Smallest Whole Number, Sigi Jotkandt (University of New South Wales) 10. To Suture or Not to Suture: Poetry and Philosophy in the Thought of Alain Badiou, Ali Alizadeh (Monash University) 11. Deleuze's Badiou, Jon Roffe (University of New South Wales) Part III Essays (titles to be announced) 12. Campbell Jones (Auckland University) 13. Christian Gelder (University of New South Wales) 14. Robert Boncardo (University Of Sydney) 15. Jai Bentley-Payne (Auckland University) 16. Lia Hills (Monash University) Part IV Alain Badiou Interviews 17. Contemporary Contradictions 18. Badiou: a Survey
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