Ayurvedic Perspectives in Integrative Healthcare

Ayurvedic Perspectives in Integrative Healthcare

Volume 8

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Part I: The Shad Darshan 1. The Four Vedas 2. Material Aspects: Sankya, Nyaya + Vaisheshika 3. Spiritual Aspects: Mimamsa, Yoga, Vedanta and Buddhism Part II: Integrated Philosophy on Body Constitution 4. Traditional Chinese Medicine 5. Western Medicine Principles 6. Ayurvedic Universal Attributes & Doshic Theory Part III: The Seven Dhatu Tissues 7. Dhatu Structure, By-Products and Disorders 8. Plasma and Blood 9. Muscle, Fat, Bone, Nerves and Marrow 10. Male and Female Organs Part IV: Srotamsi: The Channels of the body 11. Introduction 12. Channels Receiving Food, Prana & Water 13. Channels Nourishing and Maintaining the Body 14. Channels of Elimination 15. Channels of the Mind Part V: The Material and Spiritual Aspects of Digestion 16. The Fire Element 17. Rasa and the Six Tastes 18. Energy & Effects 19. The Phases of Digestion 20. Balancing Diet and Food Combination 21. Three Laws of Nutrition and Cellular Metabolism Part VI: Balancing Lifestyle 22. Doshic Test 23. Spirituality 24. Nutritional Suggestions
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