Autonomous Motherhood?

Autonomous Motherhood?

A Socio-Legal Study of Choice and Constraint

Boyd, Susan B.; Chunn, Dorothy E.; Kelly, Fiona; Wiegers, Wanda

University of Toronto Press






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Using a feminist socio-legal framework, Autonomous Motherhood? probes fundamental assumptions within the law about the nature of family and parenting.
1. Motherhood, Autonomy, Choice, and Constraint 2. Autonomous Mothers and the Emergence of Unmarried Fathers' Rights to Access and Custody 3. "A Person is the Child of his Natural Parents": Illegitimacy, Law Reform, and Maternal Autonomy 4. Custody and Access Disputes between Unmarried, Non-Cohabiting Biological Parents 1945-2009 5. Women's Experiences Of Autonomous Motherhood, 1965-2010: An Historical Snapshot 6. Autonomous from the Start: The Narratives of Single Mothers by Choice 7. Whither Autonomous Motherhood? Choice and Constraint
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