Augmented Reality in Education

Augmented Reality in Education

A New Technology for Teaching and Learning

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Part 1: General Aspects of Educational Augmented Reality.- Augmented Reality in Education: Current Status and Advancement of the Field.- Designing Augmented Reality Applications as Learning Activity.- An Online Platform for Enhancing Learning Experiences with Web-based Augmented Reality and Pictorial Bar Code.- The Concept of 'Bringing Your Own Device' in Scaffolded and Augmented Education.- The FeDiNAR Project: Using Augmented Reality to Turn Mistakes into Learning Opportunities.- Choral Konsult: Augmented Reality for Electrate Learning.- Part II: Augmented Reality in Teaching Medicine and Science.- Augmented Reality in Medical Education and Training: From Physicians to Patients.- The Usage of Augmented Reality in Dental Education.- The Development of Augmented Reality Applications for Chemistry Learning.- Mixed Reality Books: Applying Augmented and Virtual Reality in Mining Engineering Education.- Part III: Educational Augmented Reality in Humanities and Art.- Beyond Historical Books, Names and Dates: Leveraging Augmented Reality to Promote Knowledge, Reasoning and Emotional Engagement.- Design and Implementation of Augmented Reality for English Language Education.- Iberian Cultures and Augmented Reality: Studies in Elementary School Education and Initial Teacher Training.- The Educational Use of the 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite' Augmented Reality Application.- Making Inside the Augment: Augmented Reality and Art/Design Education.- The 'Romantic App': Augmented Reality in Fine Art Education.- Part IV: Augmented Reality in Environmental and Special Education.- Augmented Reality for Outdoor Environmental Education.- Augmented Reality in Environmental Humanities Education.- Interacting Across Contexts: Augmented Reality Applications for Developing the Understanding of the Anthropocene.- Alaskan Timeosaurs and Interplanetary Human Spaghetti: A Regional Look at Augmented Reality in Special Classrooms.- Concluding Remarks