Animal Quilts

Animal Quilts

12 Paper Piecing Patterns for Stunning Animal Quilt Designs

Heijden, Juliet

F&W Publications Inc






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Create incredible quilts for your home with this collection of foundation paper-pieced quilt patterns featuring 12 different animals. Learn how to create realistic representations of your favourite animals and birds in stunning paper-pieced quilt blocks.
Introduction Tools of the Trade Which tools to use for paper piecing Paper Piecing Personalities A discussion of the fact that paper piecing is a very adaptable technique. There are thousands of variations in technique and the key to enjoying paper piecing is developing a technique which works for you. Juliet explains her own approach to paper piecing Choosing Fabrics How to choose fabrics for pictorial blocks. To include: * directional prints * contrast and colour value * scale of the fabric design * matching the scale of the print to the scale of the pattern * distracting prints * pattern vs solids * adding texture The Quilts * Night Owl * Admiral Butterfly * Rhino * Peacock * Wolf * Owl #2 * Highland Cow * Tiger * Stallion * Panda * Swans * Polar Bear
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