Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today's Home

Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today's Home

10 Brilliant Patchwork Quilts

Hentsch, Carl

C & T Publishing






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Noted quilt designer Carl Hentsch has always admired Amish quilts and quilters. Amish-Inspired Quilts for Today's Home explores an old-order Amish community and their use of color and design, using modern fabrics and techniques. Basket quilts, Log Cabin quilts, and Star quilts fill these pages with bursts and blooms of color. Be inspired!
Meet the Author Introduction General Piecing Instructions Flying Geese Paper Piecing Y Seams Finishing Your Quilts Projects Square Dance Basket Case Shattered Glass In Full Bloom Sunday Picnic House on the Prairie A Formal Affair A New Barn Raising Sun Catcher Falling Stars
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