American Democracy in Peril

American Democracy in Peril

Eight Challenges to America's Future

Hudson, William E.

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This book offers a structured yet critical examination of the American political system, designed to stimulate students to consider how the facts they learn about American politics relate to democratic ideals.
Introduction: Models of Democracy Precursors to Modern Democratic Theory Protective Democracy Developmental Democracy Pluralist Democracy Participatory Democracy The Models Compared Chapter 1: The First Challenge: Separation of Powers The Founders' Work The Jeffersonian Model The Separation of Powers and Democratic Values The Parliamentary Alternative Meeting the Challenge: Bridging the Separation of Powers Chapter 2: The Second Challenge: The Imperial Judiciary The Least Democratic Branch A Brief History of Judicial Review Two Cases of Judicial Usurpation Can Judicial Review Be Made Consistent With Democracy? The Judicialization of American Politics as a Challenge to Democracy Meeting the Challenge: Revitalize American Democracy Chapter 3: The Third Challenge: Radical Individualism Individualism in the American Tradition American "Habits of the Heart" The Flaws of Libertarianism Our Pathological Politics of Rights and Interests The Failed Opportunity to Build Community After 9/11 Meeting the Challenge: Balancing Rights With Responsibilities Chapter 4: The Fourth Challenge: Citizen Participation Citizen Participation and Democratic Theory Citizen Political Participation Signs of Civic Disengagement The New Citizen Activism Participation as a Challenge to Democracy Meeting the Challenge: More Participation, Not Less Chapter 5: The Fifth Challenge: Elections Without the People's Voice Equal Representation Deliberation Control Meeting the Challenge: Reforming Electoral Institutions, Promoting Democratic Deliberation Chapter 6: The Sixth Challenge: The "Privileged Position" of Business American Politics as Pluralist Heaven Business: The Privileged Group Why Business Privilege Is a Threat to Democracy Objections to the Privileged-Position-of-Business Thesis Meeting the Challenge: Taking Democratic Action to Reduce Business Privilege Chapter 7: The Seventh Challenge: Economic Inequality Equality and Democratic Theory The End of the American Dream? Economic Inequality's Challenge to Democracy Meeting the Challenge: Enacting Policies to Promote Equality Chapter 8: The Eighth Challenge: The National Security State The Burgeoning of the National Security State Secrecy Centralization Repression Distortion Meeting the Challenge: Reform to Achieve True Security
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