Agro-Environmental Sustainability

Agro-Environmental Sustainability

Volume 1: Managing Crop Health

Singh, Jay Shankar; Seneviratne, Gamini

Springer International Publishing AG






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This two-volume work is a testament to the increasing interest in the role of microbes in sustainable agriculture and food security. Advances in microbial technologies are explored in chapters dealing with topics such as carbon sequestration, soil fertility management, sustainable crop production, and microbial signaling networks.
Microbial Signaling in Plant-Microbe Interactions and Its Role on Sustainability of Agroecosystems.- Exploiting Beneficial Traits of Plant Associated Fluorescent Pseudomonads for Plant Health.- N2-fixing Cyanobacterial Systems as Biofertilizer.- Exploring the Role of Secondary Metabolites of Trichoderma in Tripartite Interaction with Plant and Pathogens.- Managing the Soil Fertility through Microbes: Prospects, Challenges and Future strategies.- Trichoderma: A Potent Fungus as Biological Control Agent.- Bioprospecting of Genes from Microbes for Stress Management in Agricultural Crops.- Improving Soil Fertility and Soil Functioning in Cover Cropped Agro-ecosystems with Symbiotic Microbes.- Actinobacteria in Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability.- Atmospheric Carbon Sequestration through Microalgae: Status, Prospects and Challenges.- BioGro - a Plant Growth-Promoting Bio-Fertiliser Validated by 15 Years' Research from Laboratory Selection to Rice Farmer's Fields of the Mekong Delta.- Priming Host Defence Against Biotic Stress by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.- Role of Phosphate Solubilising Microorganism in Sustainable Agriculture Development.
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