Africa-Europe Relationships

Africa-Europe Relationships

A Multistakeholder Perspective

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Introduction 1. A more encompassing understanding of the Africa-European relationship Raffaele Marchetti Civil society organizations 2. European-South African elite collaboration, balanced by civil society solidarity Patrick Bond 3. Mission, Development and 'Reverse Mission' in Europe-Africa Religious Relations Dena Freeman 4. The Role of Think Tanks between Africa and the EU Silvia Menegazzi 5. The Exacerbation of Community Confinement: Involved Social Forces and Effects on the Euro-African State Relationship Belkacem Iratni Business organizations 6. Bi-continental Encounters for Fairer ACP-EU trade? Assessing Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives Mark Langan 7. Sleeping Beauty Awakens. Africa rise and the new deal with international energy stakeholders Lapo Pistelli 8. The evolution (2000-2017) and proposed future scenarios of EU Africa Relations in Technological innovation: A multi-stakeholder perspective Robert Mudida Institutions 9. Eurafrica reconsidered: Europe and African leaders in historical perspectives Veronique Dimier and Giuliana Gliottone 10. Integration Dynamics between the African Union (AU) and the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in light of a newly oriented Euro-African Geopolitics Marco Massoni 11. Entangled regions: how multiple interregionalisms reshape Central Africa Frank Mattheis 12. Cities in the Africa-Europe Interaction Elena De Nictolis
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