Adventures with Old Vines

Adventures with Old Vines

A Beginner's Guide to Being a Wine Connoisseur

Chilton, Richard L.

Rowman & Littlefield






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This book provides a clear and knowledgeable overview of wine for beginning connoisseurs. In addition, it offers detailed snapshots of key vineyards and vintages that will be an excellent reference for collectors and wine lovers alike.
Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Getting Started and Buying Wine Chapter 2 Storing Wines: Establishing a Cellar Chapter 3 The Art of Tasting: How to Appreciate Wine Chapter 4 Collecting versus Connoisseurship Chapter 5 How to Read a Wine List Chapter 6 The History and Role of the Sommelier Chapter 7 Vines, Grapes, and Climate . . . After All, It's Just Farming Chapter 8 From the Grape to the Bottle: How Is Wine Really Made? Chapter 9 The Benchmark Wines . . . Let the Journey Begin Vineyard Profiles Notes Credits Index
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