Advances in Optical Science and Engineering

Advances in Optical Science and Engineering

Proceedings of the Third International Conference, OPTRONIX 2016

Reehal, Haricharan Singh; Chakrabarti, Satyajit; Lakshminarayanan, Vasudevan; Bhattacharya, Indrani

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Preface.- Dedication.- About the editors.- Conference Organizing Committee.- Table of Contents.- Part I Keynote Address.- Part II Plenary Address.- Part III Green Photonics.- Part IV Fibre and Integrated Optics.- Part V Lasers, Interferometry, Imaging, Devices.- Part VI Optical Communication and Networks.- Part VII Optical and Digital Data and Image Processing.- Part VIII Opto-Electronic Devices, Terahertz Technology.- Part IX Nano-Photonics, Bio-Photonics, Bio-medical Optics.- Part X Lasers, Quantum Optics and Information Technology.- Part XI E.M.Radiation Theory and Antenna.- Part XII Cryptography, Micro-Electronics & VLSI.- Part XIII Nonlinear Optics, Opto-Electronic Devices.- Part XIV Non-Linear Waveguides, Optical Fiber Devices, Photonic Crystal.- Part XV Optical and Digital Image Processing Devices.- Part XVI Micro-Electronics and VLSI.- Part XVII Interdisciplinary, Lasers, Interferometry and Devices.- Author Index.
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