Advances in Computers

Advances in Computers

Hurson, Ali; Goudarzi, Maziar

Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc






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1. Advances in Software Engineering and Software Assurance Dan Shoemaker, Carol Woody and Nancy R. Mead 2. Privacy Challenges and Goals in mHealth Systems Farzana Rahman, Ivor D Addo and Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Ji-Jiang Yang and Qing Wang 3. A Survey of Data Cleansing Techniques for Cyber-Physical Critical Infrastructure Systems Mark Woodard, Michael Wisely and Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani 4. Indexing and Querying Techniques for Moving Objects in Both Euclidean Space and Road Network Lasanthi Heendaliya, Michael Wisely, Dan Lin, Sahra Sedigh Sarvestani and Ali Hurson
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