Advanced Business Analytics

Advanced Business Analytics

Lev, Benjamin; Garcia Marquez, Fausto Pedro

Springer International Publishing AG






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The book describes advanced business analytics and shows how to apply them to many different professional areas of engineering and management.
Decision Making Approach for Optimal Business Investments.- Integration of a Heuristic Method into an ERP Software.- Economic Viability Analytics for Wind Energy Maintenance Management.- Introduction to Multi-Attribute Decision Making in Business Analytics.- How Business Analytics Should Work.- Vulnerability Analysis of a Signal-Controlled Road Network for Equilibrium Flow.- Analytical Model Implementing Objectives in EVM for Advanced Project Control.- Use of Excellence Models as a Management Maturity Model (3M).- AHP and Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topsis Methodology for SCM Selection.- The Assessment and Selection of Hedge Funds.- Functional Data Analysis with an Application in the Capital Structure of California Hospitals.- A Software Application to Optimize the Visits of Sales/Marketing Agents to Their Customers in a Brewing Company.