Adsorption Processes for Water Treatment and Purification

Adsorption Processes for Water Treatment and Purification

Bonilla-Petriciolet, Adrian

Springer International Publishing AG






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Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Adsorption Isotherms in Liquid Phase: Experimental, Modeling and Interpretations Chapter 3 Adsorption Kinetics in Liquid Phase: Modeling for Discontinuous and Continuous Systems Chapter 4 Hydrothermal Carbonisation: An Eco-friendly Method for the Production of Carbon Adsorbents Chapter 5 Removal of Heavy Metals, Lead, Cadmium and Zinc, Using Adsorption Processes by Cost-effective Adsorbents Chapter 6 Removal of Antibiotics from Water by Adsorption/Biosorption on Adsorbents from Different Raw Materials Chapter 7 Biosorption of Copper saccharomyces cerevisiae: From Biomass Characterization to Process Development Chapter 8 Transition Metal-Substituted-Magnetite as an Innovative Adsorbent and Heterogeneous Catalyst for Wastewater Treatment
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