Acceleration of History

Acceleration of History

War, Conflict, and Politics

Alecou, Alexios

Lexington Books






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This collection of scholarly essays analyzes the concept of the acceleration of history, or moments in which the rate of change increases and leads to rapid alteration of the status quo. The contributors outline a theoretical framework and examine specific examples of such historical moments.
Introduction: What Accelerates History?, Alexios Alecou Chapter 1: Acceleration of History: The Conceptual Framework for Causal Analysis, Nikolai S. Rozov Chapter 2: Power Decentralization in the International System and the Acceleration of History, Zenonas Tziarras Chapter 3: The Right to War and Violence: From Objectivity to the Acceptability, Svetlana N. Shchegolikhina Chapter 4: Messianic Times: The Great War as the Trigger of World History, Juan Luis Fernandez Chapter 5: The Contribution of Cyprus to the Second World War as Part of the Allied Forces and the Impact of War on the Military and Political Evolution of the Island, Marios Siammas Chapter 6: The Acceleration of History and Decolonization in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Case of Cyprus, 1945-1959, Andreas Karyos Chapter 7: The Decentralization of the European Union as a Solution to the EU's Paralysis, Maria Mut Bosque
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