APIL Model Pleadings and Applications

APIL Model Pleadings and Applications

Benyounes, Leila (Barrister, Park Lane Plowden); Bare, Martin (Partner, Morrish Solicitors LLP); Copnall, Richard (Barrister, Park Lane Plowden)

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This title includes sections on clinical negligence; holiday claims; skeleton arguments and PI claims in contract; recent decisions on animals act and vicarious liability; mesothelioma; RTA claims process; Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010; Insolvency provisions of the Companies Act 2006 and new applications.
Pleadings *Pleadings - General Introduction *Employers' Liability *Industrial Disease *Road Traffic *Highways *Occupiers' Liability *Defective Premises *Consumer Protection and Product Liability *Fatal Accidents *Miscellaneous Applications *The Insolvent Corporate Defendant *Permission to Sue a Company in Compulsory Liquidation *Permission to Sue a Company in Administration *Application to Restore the Name of a Company to the Register under s 653 of the Companies Act 1985 *Application to Void the Dissolution of a Company under s 651 of the Companies Act 1985 *Pre-Action Disclosure *Enforcement of Pre-Action Disclosure *Application to Commit to Prison *Extension of Time for Serving Claim Form *Application to Amend the Statement of Case under CPR 17.3 *Admission by Notice in Writing - Application for Judgment Pursuant to CPR 14.3 *Application for Further and Better Particulars Under CPR 18 *Application for Disclosure and Inspection of Documents Post Issue Pursuant to CPR 31.12 *Application to Vary Case Management Timetable under CPR 28.4 *Application for Summary Judgment Under CPR 24 *Application to Strike Out the Defence Under CPR 3.4(2) for Failure to Disclose Reasonable Grounds for the Defence *Application for an Order for the Issues of Liability and Quantum to be Tried Separately Pursuant to CPR 3.1 *Application for an Interim Payment Under CPR 25.6 *Application for Provisional Damage *Application for Court Approval on Behalf of a Child (Infant Settlement') *Change of Solicitor *Costs Proceedings Under CPR Part 8
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