Practical Guide to Biomedical Research

Practical Guide to Biomedical Research

for the Aspiring Scientist

Stephenson, Robert S.; Hasenkam, J. Michael

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part 1. Before you start.- Chap 1 First steps in research, an overview.- Chap 2 Research environments (Differences and similarities, pros and cons).- Chap 3 Finding a good supervisor.- Chap 4 Defining the project.- Part 2. Doing research.- Chap 5 Searching for scientific literature.- Chap 6 he scientific protocol, purpose and target group, and how is it written?.- Chap 7 Applications.- Chap 8 Data collection, storage and public approval.- Chap 9 Data analyses.- Part 3. When data is collected and results are ready for presentation.- Chap 10 The conference abstract.- Chap 11 The scientific manuscript.- Chap 12 The process of publishing your research.- Chap 13 The scientific network.- Chap 14 Cooperation with private companies.
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