Multilingual Nation

Multilingual Nation

Translation and Language Dynamic in India

Kothari, Rita (Professor, IIT Gandhinagar)

OUP India






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[.rt error 1] Practices 10. When India's North-East Is 'Translated' into English Mitra Phukan 11. On Translating (and-not-translating) Sarasvatichandra Tridip Suhrud 12. Multilingual Narratives from Western India: Jhaverchand Meghani and the Folk Krupa Shah 13. Dancing in a Hall of Mirrors: Translation Between Indian Languages Mini Chandran 14. Translating Belonging in Ahmedabad: Representing Some Malayali Voices Pooja Thomas Part IV Re-imagining the Time of Translation 15. Conceptual Priority of Translation Over Language Madhava Chippali and Sundar Sarukkai 16. Changing Script Ganesh Devy Epilogue: Ficus Benghalensis by Supriya Chaudhuri About the Editor and Contributors
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