History of Irish Autobiography

History of Irish Autobiography

Harte, Liam (University of Manchester)

Cambridge University Press






15 a 20 dias

The first ever history of autobiographical writing in Ireland, based on original scholarship, and structured around key subgenres, themes, texts, and writers.
1. Introduction: autobiography theory and criticism in Ireland Liam Harte; 2. Writing in medieval Ireland in the first-person voice Maire Ni Mhaonaigh; 3. Early modern Irish autobiography Marie-Louise Coolahan; 4. Irish Protestant life-writing in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Elizabeth Grubgeld; 5. Irish women's spiritual and religious life-writing in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Maria Luddy; 6. Spiritual and religious life-writing in Ireland since 1900 Louise Fuller; 7. Irish political autobiography from Wolfe Tone to Ernie O'Malley Matthew Kelly; 8. The memoirs of male politicians in independent Ireland Eoin O'Malley and Kevin Rafter; 9. Women's political autobiography in independent Ireland Margaret O'Callaghan; 10. Autobiography and the Irish literary revival Nicholas Allen; 11. Irish literary autobiography since the Revival Christina Hunt Mahony; 12. The Irish autobiographical novel Jonathan Bolton; 13. Memoirs of Irish rural life George O'Brien; 14. The autobiography of the Irish working class Emmet O'Connor; 15. Irish-language autobiography Briona Nic Dhiarmada; 16. Orality and life-writing in modern Ireland Kelly Fitzgerald and Mary Muldowney; 17. Southern Irish Protestant autobiography since partition Robert Tobin; 18. Northern Irish autobiography since 1960 Barry Sloan; 19. The Irish travel memoir I: journeys within Ireland Glenn Hooper; 20. The Irish travel memoir II: journeys beyond Ireland Michael Cronin; 21. Life-writing and diaspora I: the autobiographical writings of the Irish in the USA and Latin America Laura P. Z. Izarra and James Silas Rogers; 22. Life-writing and diaspora II: the autobiographical writings of the Irish in Britain and Australia Patrick Buckridge and Liam Harte; 23. The Irish abuse survival memoir Moira J. Maguire; 24. Irish celebrity autobiography Anthony P. McIntyre and Diane Negra; 25. Irish life-writing in the digital era Claire Lynch.
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