Child's Mind

Child's Mind

How Children Learn During the Critical Years from Birth to Age Five Years

Beadle, Muriel

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Compares responses to colonization in the Iron-Age Mediterranean. This work explores the responses to colonies where Greeks and Phoenicians were in competition with one another via the same local communities. It charts their selective adaptation and re-interpretation of Greek and Phoenician goods and ideas as their own cultures evolve.
Preface and Preview. 1. Never Too Young to Learn 2. Biological Bases of Behavior 3. How Inherited Behavior Can be Modified 4. Learning to Love or to Hate 5. Babies Without Mothers 6. Critical Periods 7. The Anatomy of the Brain 8. The Biology of Learning 9. Motivation 10. Freud's Image of Man 11. Acquiring a Sex Identity 12. The Development of Concepts 13. Perception 14. Language 15. Information Processing 16. The Measurement and Inheritance of Intelligence 17. How Environment Affects Intelligence 18. Culture and Caste 19. Acquiring Social-Group Identity 20. The Mark of Social Class 21. All Mice Are Not Created Equal. References. Index.
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